Scrubs with Style

Some of you may already know that I am a full-time Registered Nurse in the ICU. Some of you might not know that, so...surprise! I'm a style blogger on the side and I'm full-time savin' lives.


I'm probably one of the younger nurses working in our ICU right now and I've been there for 2 years. So my coworkers know that I style blog on the side and they're used to me wearing full-on makeup with the poppin' highlight. I'm also known to rock unique braids at work (they're just dutch braids done to the nape of my neck.) and my co-workers call it "The Lia Braids." Therefore, my co-workers know my style is important to me...even while I'm saving someone's grandpa! Jaanuu Scrubs teamed up with me to style their stylish scrubs and so this is what I came up with! (Just for looks! Obviously I wouldn't wear sunglasses in the ICU, nor would I ever wear J's in the hospital.)


As I mentioned earlier, I would never wear any of my J's to the hospital. I only wear Dansko Professional Clogs to work because they are comfortable and they help me keep a straight posture when standing/walking for 12 hours. They aren't the most stylish looking shoe and that is why for the sake of this post, I wore J's. The reason why I would never wear any of my outside of work shoes to the hospital is because the hospital is a dirty place. Despite what many may assume...yeah, hospitals are supposed to be clean and sterile. Yeah, sure...the Operating Room is probably the most sterile place in the hospital. Let's think about it for a sec; we deal with every single secretion the body of a patient makes. We can't control where those secretions fall sometimes. Like, when we're emptying a foley bag, sometimes we may spill some of it or sometimes it may splash onto the floor. Then someone steps on it and drags it throughout the hospital. You don't want to take those germs home. In fact, I don't even want to take those germs in my what I do is I change shoes when I leave the hospital and I put my work shoes in a bag in the trunk of my car. #NurseLife


Now, let's talk about these scrubs. I wear a size XS in their Tulip Top and I also wear a size XS in their Skinny Cargo Pants. They fit perfectly! Usually, I have trouble finding scrubs that fit me because I'm petite and I'm only like 5'1. Especially with scrub pants, I have trouble finding the perfect length. But these actually fit just fine! With the scrub top, I like how they have a zipper up front to open up while putting on or taking off the top so I won't ruin my make-up. It also has a hidden side zipper to cinch in your waist, which is flattering for a scrub top. The old boxy, unflattering scrubs are now officially a thing of the past, y'all! Say hello to stylish scrubs!


Saving lives every shift...and lookin' good while doin' it!
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#STAYCURIOUS, CuriouserLia