Plaid Nights

Have any of your girlfriends ever said, "If you dream about it at night and wake up still wanting it, get it"? (We're talking about clothes, shoes, etc.) Yeah, well I live for that saying. I always tell myself while I'm online shopping..."Let me sleep on it." and if I wake up still thinking about it, still wanting it, then I go ahead and buy it. Maybe it's a problem...maybe it isn't?


Well, this playsuit is one of those items that I had to sleep on. I was in Seattle at the time and I really wanted it. It was our last day there and I was on the hunt for it at Zara. I didn't end up finding it, so in the end, I had to purchase it online. It was the cutest outfit for the holidays, which is what I wore for Thanksgiving 2017. (I know...super late post!)


(Zara Playsuit, Simmi Over-the-knee boots, Louis Vuitton Purse)
P.S. We were able to shoot this at night and I think it came out pretty nice. Although the quality could be better. We use a Sony Alpha a7 with a canon 50mm on this night. We need to invest in more lenses...

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this super late post.

#STAYCURIOUS, CuriouserLia