(Brandy Melville Cardigan, American Apparel One-piece, Tobi Shorts, Platform Vans Old Skool)

Hey there, 

So I've been super busy with work lately that I've totally neglected the blog life. As some of you may already know, I am now a full-time registered nurse in the ICU and I work night shift (7pm-730am). Therefore, I've been a zombie for the past year and a half and I have only been focused on work and nothing else. I sort of lost myself for a while there. I was kind of depressed, to be honest. All I did was work, sleep and workout. I wasn't happy for a while. Then, I started looking back at old Instagram posts and I realized how happy I used to be planning outfits for the blog and thinking of concepts, etc. That's what really makes me happy. Blogging was my first passion before nursing...how could I forget that?! So, now I'm slowly starting to balance my life. I can be both a RN and a blogger. It's about balance. Don't get me wrong, I love being a nurse. I have a passion for caring for others and I love advocating for my patients and their families. I love making a difference in peoples' lives in that sense. It just gets exhausting...mentally and physically. With this type of career, you really need a break and sometimes working out isn't enough...for me, at least. Blogging is exactly the break I need on my days off. It gives me purpose instead of just catching up on sleep on my days off. Although, yes I do need to catch up on sleep, but I don't like to waste my days sleeping. So here I am again...almost a year later trying to revamp the blog. Let's try this again. Who's curious?