Do People Still Appreciate J's?

I'm not into kicks as much as I used to be. I see a lot of new sneakers out there and I just can't find myself wanting to keep up anymore. Could it be because the hype has made it more difficult to cop a pair nowadays? Or is it because everyone looks the same nowadays? I'm not hating, I'm just saying. I've always liked to stand out. If you've been following me since the Tumblr days, I never tried to look like everyone else. I always liked to mix things up...especially with my shoes.


I have a massive collection of shoes; From Jordan's to Jeffrey Campbell's to Chanel' name it! I own miscellaneous pairs of different types of boots, heels, sandals, flats, etc. I used to think of it as a problem, but now I just embrace it because my shoes help me complete a look I'm going for. I love mixing feminine looks with sneakers. Not only is it comfortable, but it's fun!

BRED A.jpg
BRED B.jpg
BRED C.jpg

This look could've easily been worn with a cute pair of heels, but that's just not me. Maybe if I were out with the girls on the girl's night out.

These are Air Jordan Black and Red 1's. One of my favorite pairs of J's to wear other than the Black Cement 3's. These are classic J's that one can pair with almost anything, in my opinion. What are your favorite J's? Do people still appreciate J's or are they considered ratchet now that Adidas are the wave right now?