About Lia

CuriouserLia (curious-er • Lee-uh) 
My name is Lia and I've been blogging since the 10th grade. I've always been into dressing up and being different than the rest. In high school, I won 'Best Dressed' because I used to put together the most unique, yet trendy, outfits and dress up every single day. I put so much effort into putting together outfits. I started off taking pictures of my outfits and posting them on MySpace. Then, I discovered Tumblr when I was 15 and it started off as a blog that only consisted of Chanel. Slowly, I started to throw in some 'Outfit of the Day' pictures here and there and I gained so many followers from that. When I turned 16, my mom bought me my very first DSLR and it was the Canon Rebel XS (which is still my baby to this day). That's when I started doing more outfit posts and my following base grew more and more. Senior year was when I decided to make a blogspot and become a 'fashion blogger.' My favorite fashion bloggers were Rumi Neely and Olivia Lopez and they each had unique blog names. At the time, I was reading "Alice in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll because Disney's 'Alice in Wonderland' has always been my favorite movie growing up. So I wrote an essay about the novel and my all time favorite quote was, "Curiouser and curiouser..." I loved to be weird and different and I was always a curious but innocent person (just like Alice), so I decided that 'Curiouser and Curiouser...' was unique enough to make that my blog name. So here we are today, still using that name and I'm never going to change it. I'm sticking to it because it's a part of me now. Street style/Fashion Blogging (whatever you want to call it) has become one of my passions and my all-time favorite hobby.