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"I almost wish i hadn’t gone down that rabbit hole and yet it’s rather curious, you know, this sort of life!"

December 29, 2014

Meet Me by the Lake

Hey Curiouser Cats!
Here's a look featuring some goodies sent to me from @ShopTobi and @PublicDesire. It's officially winter now, but as you all know, I live in SoCal and we really don't have a "real" winter. Either way, the temperature does drop around this time and I can't stand the cold. But, I do love dressing up for the cold. I love thick, warm, chunky, oversized knit sweaters like the one I'm wearing from @ShopTobi. They can easily be worn like the way I styled it in this post or with a comfy pair of shorts and some knee high socks and chunky platform booties. Check out @ShopTobi for more knit sweaters! They've got a lot of cute pieces on their website.

Kap suggested shooting at this place because of the pretty lake that was there. It's such a beautiful location and I thought this outfit fit perfectly with this location because it kinda has this "strolling around the park" type of feel. There were ducks everywhere and a cute little turtle sunbathing and this huge duck somehow got on this bridge with us. It was lowkey scary because I couldn't really run with these platform heels. Not to mention, they haven't been broken into yet so just walking in them was awkward.

Close-up details:
-Public Desire Jessi Cleated Sole Platforms Shoutout to Sim from @PublicDesire for always hooking me up with new PD heels since the summer time. I love these heels because they pretty much can go with anything--casual or dressy.

Vintage 1992 Fendi Purse: It was a hand-me-down from my mother. She said she copped this purse when I was a baby and it's so cool how she kept it and took care of it and eventually gave it to me. I plan to hand it down to my future daughter some day :)

Gold Name Necklace: In case y'all didn't know "LIA" is my full name is Angelia. Kap gave me this for Christmas!

80s Purple sunnies: These are probably my all-time favorite pair of sunglasses. I wear these with every outfit. They are my go-to sunnies. They go with almost everything.

Make-up: Foundation is Make Up For Ever HD Liquid Foundation in shade 128. For my eyebrows, I finally started using Beverly Hills Anastasia Dip Brow in "Soft Brown." So far, I love it! Lastly on the lips, I have MAC's famous Heroine.

(ShopTobi Triana Knit Sweater, American Apparel Riding Pants, Public Desire Jessi Platform Cleated Heels, Forever 21 Hat, 80s Purple Sunnies, Vintage Fendi Purse)

#STAYCURIOUS, CuriouserLia

December 27, 2014


Hello curiouser people! I'm officially on winter break...Happy Holidays to you all! Here's a little treat. A clean outfit you can wear to holiday parties paired with a pair of nude strappy heels or white chunky platforms instead of the Air Maxes.

(Forever 21 Blazer, American Apparel Corset, Zero UV sunnies, ShopTobi Skirt, Nike Air Max 90)

Stay curious for more outfits to come and I'm also working on updating the website. Exciting! Stay posted for that. I've got a lot of surprises coming for y'all!

#STAYCURIOUS, CuriouserLia