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"I almost wish i hadn’t gone down that rabbit hole and yet it’s rather curious, you know, this sort of life!"

March 21, 2014

(H&M Faux Leather Jacket, American Apparel Corset, Vintage Levis Shorts, Imadri Flannel)

My spring break has come to an end. Follow my instagram for pictures from this week. I didn't shoot as much because I was just relaxing and enjoying my free time. Now, it's back to reality; back to this nursing life. BRB while I go kill off this second half of the first semester of nursing school.

I threw together this look yesterday to go shopping with my mother. Surprisingly, I didn't even buy any clothes. I just bought a lot of make-up, lol! I have too many clothes, so...

#STAYCURIOUS, CuriouserLia

March 15, 2014

Never too girly

(American Apparel Crop Top, Forever 21 Skirt, Black and Red Jordan 1's)

Happy 22nd Birthday to my patient boyfriend who always takes pictures of me for my blog. I love you!

Greetings, fellow followers!
I am officially on spring break! I passed two of my finals for the first two classes of the nursing program. Unfortunately, it's not truly a spring break because I have to hit the books and prepare for the next two classes of the semester, but here's a treat for ya! I wore this outfit to my finals. The secret is, to dress up and look nice on the day of your final to trick people into thinking you didn't pull an all-nighter (hahaha!).

This outfit was inspired by a little bit of 'Kimye.' I've got my form-fitting skirt on, which is something Kim always wears. Then, I decided to change up the look with some J's because "YEEZY TAUGHT ME." If you don't like the J's, you can always throw in a pair of cute black, strappy heels. Hope you all enjoy this post. I'll work on as many outfit posts as I can during this little spring break of mine.

#STAYCURIOUS, CuriouserLia