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"I almost wish i hadn’t gone down that rabbit hole and yet it’s rather curious, you know, this sort of life!"

January 31, 2014

Bitch Mob

(Married to the Mob 'Bitch Mob' Long Sleeve Tee, Vans Sk8-Hi platforms)

Couldn't resist buying something from MTTM's Spring Collection during one of my study breaks. Enjoy! Back to studying I go...

#STAYCURIOUS, CuriouserLia

January 20, 2014

I love Denim

(UNIF Bundy Jumper, Nasty Gal Denim Jacket)

Hello everyone!
As you can see, I updated the site and dropped the 'blogspot' in my URL (yay!!!!)...finally. So here is the new CURIOUSERLIA.COM and I'm very proud of it. Just to update y'all, I will not be updating as much until the end of May because I just started the nursing program last week and the workload and study load is out of this world. I'll be very busy with school for the next two years. Of course I'll be updating when I have my free time during summer break and winter break, but bare with me. I'm doing this so I can grow up and get my nursing career going and make money to buy more clothes and shoes to blog about :). I plan to blog even after I become an RN because this is my hobby and this is my's what I love to do more than anything! Enjoy the look and I'll update as soon as I can.

#STAYCURIOUS, CuriouserLia

January 11, 2014

Denim Ombré

(Urban Outfitters Denim Flannel, Vintage Levis Shorts, American Apparel Corset, Jeffrey Campbell Scully)

Look inspired by Yeezy when he wore an ombré denim flannel one day. I found this on Black Friday and it's mens size but I figured I wanted to wear it as an oversized flannel anyway. Then when I got white Scully's for Christmas, I had this vision of this outfit and here it is! I hope you all enjoy this denim fit and I hope it inspires you.

#STAYCURIOUS, CuriouserLia

January 3, 2014

Jeffrey CAMPBELL'S Soup

(H&M Faux Fur Coat, Victoria's Secret Crossback Push-Up Bra, Forever 21 Midi Skirt, Jeffrey Campbell Scully)

Surprisingly, I found a lot of cool things at Forever 21 yesterday. This skirt was one of them. I've been really feeling the midi skirt trend lately. It makes your figure really sexy because it brings out your curves...or the little curves that I have. I have always envisioned these types of skirts with a cute bralet or corset when dressing up. To dress this skirt down, you can always wear this with a crop knit sweater or a tee shirt and Nike Roshes, Chuck's, or vans.

Hope you all like how I put this outfit together!

#STAYCURIOUS, CuriouserLia