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"I almost wish i hadn’t gone down that rabbit hole and yet it’s rather curious, you know, this sort of life!"

August 31, 2013

Giveaway Collab with Freak Fit!

(Vintage Blouse, American Apparel Leotard, American Apparel Disco Shorts)

So, I have teamed up with Freak Fit and we're doing a sock giveaway! Socks similar to the ones I'm rockin' in this post.

Rules are:
-Follow me on Instagram: @curiouserlia AND follow @thefreakfit.
-'Like' their page on Facebook: Here
- Comment on my IG post with your name and email
- Giveaway runs through Friday, September 6.
- There will be 2 lucky winners
- You can also shop the site and get 10% off by using the code: FREAKFITLIA

+ winners will also receive a special gift from join in on the fun! get some free shit!

August 27, 2013

Back-to-School/Southern California Fall Look Book

Outfit One:
DIY Cropped Pocket Tee
American Apparel Easy Jean
Jeffrey Campbell Pointe
WESC Leopard Letterman Jacket

In Southern California, Fall is pretty much still summer because it still gets pretty warm. So I've put together a sort-of summer transition into fall look where the crop top is "summer-y" and the pants and jacket are very "fall." It makes a great back-to-school outfit because it's very comfortable to wear all day…well, maybe not the shoes. For school, you can switch up the shoes with a pair of vans, chucks, or JC platform sneakers.

Outfit Two:
UNIF Bundy Jumper
Obey Mens Cardigan
Nike Air Force Ones

Again, this outfit is a transition from summer to fall. The jumper is definitely meant for when the weather gets warm/hot, but when it does get a little breezy or chilly, throw on a loose cardigan to give that fall look.

Outfit Three:
Cheap Monday Bomber Jacket
H&M Tank Top
American Apparel Easy Jean
Nike "Speckle" Roshes

This outfit is more for when Southern Cali starts to get a little more cold. A bomber jacket will definitely keep you warm when it gets pretty windy in the fall. Then, when it gets a little warm in the middle of the day, the outfit looks good without it. This would make a great back-to-school look as well!

Outfit Four:
H&M Jumper
American Apparel Circle Skirt
Jeffrey Campbell "Cat Tapestry" Platform Sneakers

Perfect fall look for the bi-polar SoCal weather in the fall. Gets chilly and hot at the same time. A nice knit jumper over a circle skirt and a pair of sneakers makes for another great back-to-school look. Very laid-back with a girly and boyish touch.

Outfit Five:
Brandy Melville "Anastasia" Halter
H&M Leather Jacket
Vintage BONGO Jeans
Jeffrey Campbell Soirée

A classic "cool" Cali look. Very laid back and SO "California." Another transition outfit from summer to fall. When it gets windy, throw on a leather jacket to this look and still look cool.

This is just my take on how I like to dress in the fall. I live in southern California where the weather is always beautiful. Hope these looks will inspire some of you this fall! Let me know if you like any of these looks down below in the comment box! Stay Curious, xoxo.

August 20, 2013

Bangin' Tee

(Upper Playground Tee, Timberland Boots)

August 13, 2013


(Triangl Swimwear, Obey Button-up, Stussy Snapback)
Hermosa Beach, CA
Neoprene swimsuit.

August 7, 2013

Jordan 1's and Dungarees...

(UNIF Bundy Jumper, Jordan Chicago 1s, Jordan Cement 4s)

I feel great today! Way better than I did yesterday. If you follow me on Twitter, I talked about how I was on a 24 hour Juice Detox where all I drank were 6 different juices throughout the day with no food. I was starving!!!! I felt like I was going to die (lol...) I love food too much. The detox really did work, though. I mean, it literally cleaned everything out of me. Sorry if that's TMI. If you have questions or would like to try the juicing detox, email me at

So today, I was so happy to eat! Went to the OC Fair with Jordan and had a blast! Hope you all enjoy our outfits today. I've missed my J's, so we both decided to rock one of our many pairs today. Follow me on vine, instagram and twitter for more photos: @curiouserlia

August 6, 2013

Rose Luxe Look Book

(Rose Luxe Tops, American Apparel Coral Shorts, Zara Shorts, Jeffrey Campbell Soiree, Timberland Boots)

Got these awesome tops in the mail the other day from Rose Luxe. Check out their website for more awesome clothes. They have so many to choose from! Big shoutout to them and thanks for the tops. They're cute and girly.