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"I almost wish i hadn’t gone down that rabbit hole and yet it’s rather curious, you know, this sort of life!"

October 31, 2013

The Sweet Escape

(Forever 21 Crop)
Happy Halloween!
This year, I decided to be one of my idols...Gwen Stefani! I figured since I've learned how to do faux pin-up bangs this summer, I might as well be someone who always sports the pin-up look very well. And since I'm blonde now, I figured I could be Gwen Stefani this year! I was thinking about being Rita Ora instead since I have a lot of J's and she rocks J's from time to time, but I am a huge No Doubt fan and I have been a fan since I was 9 years old. I've been to three No Doubt concerts in my life and I've lost my voice at all of them because I sing along to every single song. This look was inspired by one of Gwen Stefani's looks in her music video "The Sweet Escape"

#STAYCURIOUS, CuriouserLia

October 25, 2013

My "Go-to" Shoes

(Nike "Speckle" Roshe Run, Timberland Boots, Doc Marten's, Jeffrey Campbell Soireé)
Some may see it as "shoe repeating" or what not, but I just see it as my "go-to"/favorite/most used shoes. I'm pretty sure we all have at least one pair of shoe that we choose to wear like all the time. Well, these four pairs of shoes are my favorite for different occasions.

Nike Roshe Run: Whenever I just want to "bum it" or dress comfortable to run errands and such, I always throw on these Roshes. I also have them in black, which are my gym shoes. I actually wear these shoes a lot especially when I know I'm going to be walking a lot, like when I go to Disneyland. They're one of my most worn pairs because they're extremely comfortable and they make an outfit look laid back and dope at the same time...because they're Nike's and Lord knows I love everything Nike (*ahem...not to mention I collect Jordan's*)

Timberland Boots: I wear these whenever I want to go out and look like a bad bitch like Rihanna ;) These boots give all my outfits a gangster ass feel to it, lol. I live in these shoes...I wear them a lot.

Jeffrey Campbell Soireé: I got this pair of Jeffrey Campbell's because I knew I could wear them with literally anything to make an outfit look dressed up like I'm going out. I mean, black goes with literally anything and the strap is clear and the heel is clear which makes you look like you're floating. Like, c'mon! You know that would make any outfit look cool and fashionable. I feel like every girl should own these heels...literally. Like, YOU NEED THESE in your closet. If you haven't noticed, I've probably worn these in mostly all my recent outfit posts.

Doc Marten's: Docs always make me feel badass and gives all my outfits a punk, laid-back feel. The cool thing about Docs is that you can wear them with dresses, shorts, pants and it makes the outfit look grungy. I especially love wearing these with floral print skirts/dresses. I love, love mixing girly outfits with a boyish touch. Docs are perfect for that mix. These should be a staple in everyone's closet as well.

What are your "go-to"/favorite pairs of shoes and why? Comment below! I would love to know!

#STAYCURIOUS, CuriouserLia

October 21, 2013

Sweater Weather

(MINKPINK Crewneck Sweater, UO Leather Joggers, Jeffrey Campbell Soireé)

The weather is finally starting to cool down over here in southern California. It actually gets pretty chilly at night now. So I might as well do some looks that are comfy and warm. This fit is actually really comfortable and warm. The color palette in the sweater just screams out Autumn with the deep reds and blues. I fell in love with this sweater when I saw it because it's meant to look vintage, but it isn't and that's what I really love about it since I get grossed out with thrifted clothes. I found it over at the Urban Outfitters sale for 50% off and I just couldn't pass up that deal.

Hope this inspires some of you for the remainder of the fall season.
#STAYCURIOUS, CuriouserLia

October 20, 2013

Imadri's Glow in the Dark Set

(Imadri's Glow in the Dark Set)

Earlier this week, I participated in a spontaneous photo shoot which took place in a bowling ally late at night on a weekday. Although it was the end of the day, and I kept insisting that I'd just help with the shoot and not be in it, I ended up being in it (lol.) Surprisingly, the pictures came out pretty nice and I didn't look as crappy as I thought I did. It's always a fun time working with Imadri. Please follow us on Instagram: @imadricompany and check out the new and improved site: IMADRI.COM. There's a tee and a snapback featuring me on it...peep it out!

#STAYCURIOUS, CuriouserLia

October 17, 2013

Photobooth Sesh

Good Evening, curious people! Just quickly updating the blog. Took a few selfies I'm wearing this MINKPINK sweater I got for 50% off over at Urban Outfitters this past weekend. Thinking of styling it two different ways and shooting it for the blog. One with pants (I don't know which pair of pants I'll wear it with yet) and one with shorts. It's got a cute vintage print feel to it even though the sweatshirt is brand spankin' new. I also copped another crewneck sweater which I will cut into a crop top. Can't wait to shoot cozy outfits for the winter...or Cali winter. #STAYCURIOUS

October 15, 2013

Cropped & Cut

(American Apparel Cropped Long-Sleeves, Vintage Levis Cut-off's, Doc Marten's, Vintage Fendi)

Excuse my lack of outfit posts on here and on Instagram. I recently started my job over at Disneyland as a stores hostess. So, if any of you have an annual pass, catch me at any of the stores over at the pier or at Grizzly Peak in Disney's California Adventure. I'm still getting used to gaging what time to leave my house and how long it'll take me to get to work. So please be patient with me. I've gone shopping here and there so #StayCurious for new posts in the near future.

I recently modeled Imadri's fall look book, click here to peep the pics shot by my favorite photographer, Natt Lim. This is my second photo shoot with Imadri and I'm happy I'm part of the team. We are currently in the works with the female line and we are aiming to release it in the Spring of 2014. #STAYCURIOUS

Hope you enjoy this simple outfit. Very, very simple but still stylish.
Xoxo, CuriouserLia

October 12, 2013

Behind the Scenes Imadri Shoot & Art Show

A few weeks ago, I modeled Imadri's fall line look good friend Natt Lim was the photographer and we also had my good friend, Romar Uy shoot behind the scenes. Here are some shots he took and I will also include photos of him and Jason's art at their art show a couple weeks ago. Romar also produces great quality videos as well. Check out their blog here to view more pictures of their art and more.

(behind the scenes photos shot by Romar)

(Art work by: legitxmonsta93)
Please check out my brothers' art work on their blog. They're from my hometown of Carson, CA. They've always supported me and my blog, it's only right that I show some support back! Enjoy the photos!

October 4, 2013


(Petals and Peacocks, UO Faux Leather Sweats, Jordan "Playoff" 12's)

"Babydoll" is what my mom used to call me up until I got to the 4th grade after I told her to stop because it was embarrassing to me. It was either "princess" or "babydoll."

I purposely bought these leather sweats because I specifically wanted to wear them will all my J's. The kind people over at Petals + Peacocks sent me this cute ass crop tank which matched perfectly with my Playoff 12's. Shoutout to y'all and thank you so much for the care package! Check out their site, they have the coolest tees, tanks, sweaters and beanies.
br>Xoxo, CuriouserLia

October 1, 2013

No New Friends

(Petals and Peacocks, UNIF)


(American Apparel Crop Top, Rue Gembon Jewelry)
My apologies for the lack of posts lately...I recently got a new job and have been in training for the past two weeks. I received a beautiful package from the lovely ladies of Rue Gembon a few weeks ago. I fell in love with the delicate gold infinity piece they sent me. I don't know if many know this, but I don't really like accessories because I lose them easily. I barely accessorize in my outfits, but Rue Gembon sent me some awesome pieces that I'd definitely wear in my outfits. Check them out!
Xoxo, CuriouserLia