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"I almost wish i hadn’t gone down that rabbit hole and yet it’s rather curious, you know, this sort of life!"

August 7, 2013

Jordan 1's and Dungarees...

(UNIF Bundy Jumper, Jordan Chicago 1s, Jordan Cement 4s)

I feel great today! Way better than I did yesterday. If you follow me on Twitter, I talked about how I was on a 24 hour Juice Detox where all I drank were 6 different juices throughout the day with no food. I was starving!!!! I felt like I was going to die (lol...) I love food too much. The detox really did work, though. I mean, it literally cleaned everything out of me. Sorry if that's TMI. If you have questions or would like to try the juicing detox, email me at

So today, I was so happy to eat! Went to the OC Fair with Jordan and had a blast! Hope you all enjoy our outfits today. I've missed my J's, so we both decided to rock one of our many pairs today. Follow me on vine, instagram and twitter for more photos: @curiouserlia


  1. Absolutely adore this romper
    The fair looks like so much fun also!
    S xx

  2. juice detox sounds like something id want to do, but wouldnt be able to manage haha.

    really love your hair and the shots of the fairground!


  3. love it!
    J's are fly as hell