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"I almost wish i hadn’t gone down that rabbit hole and yet it’s rather curious, you know, this sort of life!"

June 30, 2012


(H&M Knit Oversized Tank, American Apparel High-Waisted Corduroy Shorts, Jeffrey Campbell Damsel)

June 18, 2012

Purple Swag

(Forever 21 Jumper, Forever 21 High-Waisted Suede shorts, Jeffrey Campbell Lita's, H&M Necklace)

Sorry I haven't been updating this lately. I've been lazy because all I do is work, drive to Carson and participate in photo shoots (which btw, I have to wait to post pictures). I suggest that if you have Instagram, you should follow me to keep updated because I update that like on the daily. I Hope you all enjoy this look. I've worn these clothes before but not together like this. I haven't really gone shopping...I'm trying to save money for the two pairs of J's coming out next month! I'll try to post more. For now, just follow me on Instagram: curiouserlia!

June 10, 2012

Swaggin' in the J's

(H&M Button-Up Sheer Blouse, American Apparel Olive High-Waisted Shorts, Jordan Playoff 12s)
This past weekend, I participated in yet another shoot with the cool Jeremiah Hart. This time, I got to pose with his wonderful girlfriend, Patricia, in the nice and sunny (kind of breezy) downtown Long Beach. There were a lot of cool spots to shoot at. I enjoyed walking around downtown people watching, seeing all the little shops and restaurants out there. This shoot was just to showcase some J's. I'm sporting the Playoff 12s that came out about two months ago and Patricia is swaggin' out in the Cement 4's which released back in February. I think the shots came out great! I hope this inspires some of you to wear your J's like this. Enjoy!

June 8, 2012

Shades of C.R.E.A.M.

(Forever 21 Top, Thrifted Levis High-Waisted Shorts, Deandri Olga Wedges, H&M Clutch)
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