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"I almost wish i hadn’t gone down that rabbit hole and yet it’s rather curious, you know, this sort of life!"

September 19, 2012

Back to School Look 3

(DIY Denim Collar, Estevan Oriole "LA" Tee, American Apparel Disco Pants, Timberland Boots)

Here's a little funky BTS look. I don't always like to match my shoes with the outfit...most of you should know this by now. Some people don't like how I wear J's with a "cute outfit." because it "kills" the look...but I highly disagree. I believe wearing shoes that don't match add a little twist to the look! And it ends up looking right. I don't know...let me know if you guys like the shoes with this fit! You can always change it up and wear this outfit with black Docs or, white chucks...whatever floats your boat! These Timbs float my boat so I'm goin' with it. Hope you guys enjoy! Follow me on Instagram to get sneak peeks of my posts!! @curiouserlia

September 18, 2012

Back to School Look 2

(Forever 21 Jumper, American Rag Shorts, ALDO Sandals)
I know, I've been lagging on my back to school posts, but school has been kicking my ass already! This wasn't one of the looks I originally planned, but it WAS something that I wore to school. This is a comfy fit for when it's hot outside, but super cold in class while the A/C is blasting. It's a little on the girly side and summer-y side but summer isn't over until September 22nd and I live in Southern Cali, so it's been extra hot lately. I hope this inspires some of you! I've got more looks to come...STAY CURIOUS! Xoxo, CuriouserLia