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"I almost wish i hadn’t gone down that rabbit hole and yet it’s rather curious, you know, this sort of life!"

January 9, 2012

Vintage Renewals

So last week, I went to a thrift shop in Long Beach. I didn't really find anything at first, because all I was looking for were "Mom Jeans" and I didn't find any. As I was leaving, these funky gold high-waisted pants caught my eye...

I already envisioned them as a maxi skirt so I copped it! They were only $1. It was a deal! When I got home, I got my sewing machine out and started cutting up the pants into sections and sewed them together to make a maxi skirt. They were tight at the ankles so that I couldn't walk, so I decided to cut up 2 slits, one on each side. So I did that, and sewed the slits so they wouldn't look undone and this was the final result...

I am so in-love with this maxi skirt. My idea of turning funky pants into a maxi skirt was a success! What actually inspired me when I saw these gold pants was Olivia Lo when she posted a look with a gold maxi skirt...

This is why I turned those pants into a maxi skirt. This look inspired me.

That's not the only thing I copped this past week, I also went back to the Sunday flea market on Fairfax. I wasn't looking for anything in particular, I was just walking around checking out all the tents. The cool thing about this flea market, is that they don't just sell used/thrifted things. Some tents sell clothes that have been customized and renewed. And that is what I am blogging about today. I did cop 3 items and they were good deals for vintage-renewed items.

I copped this "hi-lo" skirt from this woman who had a tent full of vintage dresses, rompers and these maxi skirts which she customized into the trendy "hi-lo" skirts where its short in the front and long in the back. I've been looking for this kind of skirt everywhere and I'm glad I stopped by her tent. She sold it to me for $10 when she was originally going to sell it to me for $15. This skirt is gorgeous and I can't wait til spring comes...or not. I might do a look post with this skirt soon. Stay Curious!

Then I stopped by this tent full of infinity scarves/turbans. This woman's tent amazes me everytime. She makes her own scarves/turbans and what's cool about her scarves are that they are infinity scarves AND turbans. You can choose to wear it as a scarf or as a turban. She taught me how to wear her scarves as a turban and I thought that was very cool. I chose the cat patterned one cuz it was a random pattern and its a cute color and I chose the plain black one because I was in need of a plain black scarf/turban. I can't wait to wear these scarves! I'll also do a post on how I wear these.

Anywho, it was another good Sunday Flea Market experience. I love it there! Stay curious for outfit posts featuring the items I blogged about today.

Xoxo, CuriouserLia.


  1. the pants you made to a maxi are soo cool, great finds!


  2. this maxi skirt u made looks fantastic, the glitter effect is so cool! can't wait seeing you in it :-) oh and this floral hi-lo-skirt is also lovely.. i'm a tad jealous haha x