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"I almost wish i hadn’t gone down that rabbit hole and yet it’s rather curious, you know, this sort of life!"

August 25, 2011

Carson, California Asian Girl Mob

So today we did a photo shoot in our hometown, Carson, California. Our photographer was dopeitsCIMON. We decided to take pictures near this bridge that says "CARSON" on it and we wanted unique know, to find the perfect shot. So we climbed the side of the hill to get to the top of the bridge and there was a railroad track so we took pictures using elements on that bridge. It was real pretty up there, real urban looking so we spent a long time taking pictures there. All of a sudden, we see Carson police cars coming towards the bridge so we decided to go back down the hill near our car. We didn't think the police were after us so we continued to take pictures in the parking lot. Then a police car comes our way and stops right in front of us. The police officer tells us to put our hands on the hood of his car, so we did. They started searching us and asking us why we were up there and our reply was, "We're taking pictures for our fashion blog." So they start looking through the camera and the evidence was there. We weren't doing anything wrong. So they let us go because they thought we were taking pictures of Cimon tagging. Then they let us take a picture with the police car (LOL!)

Overall, it was part of our adventure and it was definitely the cherry on top for Summer 2011.

August 24, 2011

Averus Clothing x Asian Girl Mob

A couple of weeks ago, my partner in crime (in photo shoots), Jane, & I were asked to model a couple of Averus Clothing tees. We shot in spots around Torrance and it was so fun! This is just one of the many other photos we took. Hopefully they post more soon... Check them out.

August 23, 2011

Beach Swag

Went to Redondo Beach with my boyfriend, bestfriend and my boyfriend's little brother today. It was overcast at first, but it started to clear up! "Here comes the sun!" We walked on the pier for a bit and played in the arcade. It was a fun, spontaneous trip to the beach.

(Forever 21 Maxi Dress, Top from a boutique in OC, Sunhat from a boutique in L.A.)

A Walk in the Park with These Jordan 3's...

Today my boyfriend & I took his little sister to the park. It was fun watching her play. She's so tiny compared to the playground.

August 22, 2011

Honest truth: I find most my inspiration off Nasty Gal & Tumblr

These shoes are so funky...must. get. them.

To this day, I'm still very much in love with the grunge look.

So obsessed with long ombre hair

Source: Nasty Gal & Tumblr

Just wanted to share random photos I found on Nasty Gal's blog and on Tumblr. Haven't been blogging lately.

August 16, 2011

Otis-Kanye West & Jay-Z

Jay-Z's flow in this song is just the best. He's back. Again!

August 15, 2011

Watch the Throne Kanye West & Jay-Z

If you haven't copped this album yet, I highly suggest you do! This album blew my mind. I know it's hyped up at the moment but who cares? It's Jay-Z and Kanye! Haven't heard from them in a while and of course they came back with swag! I mean, every track on this album is amazing. From the beats to the singing, to the rapping, to the auto-tune, Kanye's bars, Jay-Z's bars...amazing!

I'm going to be honest with all of you, I wasn't digging this album at first but it grew on me. I had to think about it and realize that the beats and everything is totally different than what has been coming out on the radio. That's what I love about Kanye and Jay-Z...they bring something new to the table all the time and they do it well. So again, go buy Watch the Throne and enjoy!

August 12, 2011

Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All

(OFWGKTA Shirts, Thrifted High-Waisted Shorts, Jeffrey Campbell Lita's & Ford's, Hall of Fame x Diamond Snapback, Chicago Bulls Snapback)

Yesterday, had a photo shoot with Averus Clothing with my partner in crime, Asian Girl Model Jane! We shot in different locations of Torrance, California. They treated us out to lunch after, it was nice! Dope photo shoot so far. Waiting on those pictures. Will be up soon!

After that photo shoot, we decided to hit up Core Skate Shop and found these OFWGKTA Shirts and they offered us a deal we couldn't refuse to advertise that they're selling OFWGKTA Shirts at their store. Jane got the Earl Tee and I decided to get the classic OFWGKTA Tee. We wanted to take pictures with our cool new shirts so we hit up the beautiful, the best photographer ever, Stephoney Anne (my bf4lz) and did a mini photo shoot in her backyard which had cool props to work with like those old cars in her yard! It was fun to shoot with her, too. Yesterday was awesome. Two photo shoots in one day? Fun, fun, fun! Enjoy!

August 8, 2011


(Urban Outfitters Crop Jacket, Thrifted High-Waisted Levis Shorts, Jeffrey Campbell Lita's)

Finally got Ombre hair! Lol.

August 3, 2011

Curiouser Lita's

(Sun hat from a boutique in L.A., H&M Blazer, H&M Blouse, Forever 21 Shorts, Jeffrey Campbell Lita's)
Photographer: Jordan Garcia