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"I almost wish i hadn’t gone down that rabbit hole and yet it’s rather curious, you know, this sort of life!"

April 26, 2011

How I Wear it: Band Tee

I bascially wore this Crystal Castles band tee as a dress with ripped up stalkings, gray songs and black wedges and my Forever 21 cardigan.

Then I decided to change up the style and wear it with a denim jacket paired with my Doc Martens...a more punkish look. Enjoy!

April 22, 2011

Jordan Elephant Print Nails

So I decided to do my nails today and what inspired me were my Jordan 3's. The famous Jordan Elephant print. I've never seen anyone do them yet, so I thought hey! I should just go ahead and try them. So I hope you all enjoy!

April 14, 2011

Time is of the Essence

(Forever21 Blouse, Thrifted Vintage Levis High-Waisted Shorts, Cathy Jean Combat Boots)

My boyfriend and I are still messing around with my camera on Manual mode. Experimenting with lighting and all that. Which explains why those two last photos are overexposed. Oh well. Experimenting is fun! I use a Canon Rebel XS and I'm loving it more and more every time we experiment with it. I hope you all enjoy this fit.

I found that top at Forever 21 but it was by itself and I couldn't find it anywhere else in the store so I held on to it for an hour while I was waiting for my boyfriend to get off work. I didn't want to let that top go because it was so simple and cute and I couldn't find anymore at the store. So I walked around that same Forever 21 for an hour and finally my boyfriend came to help me pay. See, the top was $20 and I only had $12 on me...that's why I was waiting patiently for my boyfriend. He came to my rescue! Thanks babe. Enjoy!

April 11, 2011

New Blogger for Eminence-Crew!

Today was the drop of the new and improved Eminence-Crew Website! My friends Makani and Dro asked me to be part of their bloggers for the site and I happen to be the only girl. I am honored and thankful for this! Click the picture up there to check out the site. They are an upcoming clothing company from Vegas and SoCal.

They decided to add two new bloggers and they are Ken and I. I'm so excited that I'm the only girl! You guys can check out my posts there and on here, I'll make sure they're different to add variety to my posts. Now you guys can keep up with two of my blogs. Click the picture up there to check out my other blog and you can click anyone else's blog if you're curious.

They came out with their new snapbacks, crewnecks and pins. Click the picture if you want to check out their shop and buy something. Be sure to continue to follow me on this blog and on the Eminence-Crew blogs! Enjoy!

April 8, 2011

House Sitting

(H&M Lace Crop Top, H&M Trousers, ALDO Wedges)

So these past two weeks, I had to house sit my dad's house while he was in the Philippines. I thought it would be chill because I would be able to throw kickbacks and what not. I threw two kickbacks while house sitting. It wasn't that nice to house sit. My dad and my stepmom own seven Pomeranian dogs. If you don't know what those look like, here's a picture:

They're known to bark A LOT and one Pomeranian barks enough...imagine SEVEN of them. It was hell watching these dogs. I love my dogs a lot, don't get me wrong. I love dogs...but taking care of seven? That's just crazy. My dad is home now and thank goodness! I hope you all enjoy this outfit I decided to take pictures on my front porch. Toodles!

April 7, 2011

More Change, More Steelo

(Forever21 Knit Top, Forever21 Necklace, Forever21 Jeggings, Cathy Jean Combat Boots)

I bought that top, that necklace and those shoes all today. Once I get money, I go and spend it. That's just me. Bad habit. I'm starting to get into knitwear. I saw a lot of cute knit crop tops at Forever 21. It's definitely in for Summer.
For Summer/Spring, crochet/knit crop tops and just crop tops in general are in. The whole "Festival" look seems to be in. I'm definitely going to follow that trend this Spring and this Summer. I'm in love with that whole theme!

Flaws and all.

April 6, 2011

MellowHype on The Daily Habit

MellowHype: Left Brain and Hodgy Beats from OFWGKTA performed last night on The Daily Habit on Fuel.TV. They performed their song, "64." Swag. That's all I have to say. Check them out on

In the Cut Like Rubbing Alcohol

(H&M Floral Jacket, H&M Jumpsuit, Dolce Vita Heel Sandals)

I was a bit iffy about buying a jumpsuit because I wasn't sure how it would look on me since I'm short (I'm 5'2). But I tried it on and I actually liked how it looked on me and I had so many ideas on how to style such a simple jumpsuit so I decided to buy it. It's also very comfortable. It's different. I like different. What do you guys think about it?

April 4, 2011


So as you all should know by now, I went to Paid Dues on Saturday with my boyfriend and we got VIP Tickets. At first, it didn't seem like VIP was worth $160 but let me tell was worth every damn penny! We got a free shirt, free backpack, unlimited free Monster cans, and we got to chill in this VIP room with all the rappers. It was so swag. We were able to meet all the rappers that performed and took pictures with them. I was so star struck.

I follow both @CaseyVeggies and @Joshtonpeas on Twitter and y'all should, too. Josh follows me, too and I kept bugging him about letting me meet CV! SHOUTOUT TO JOSHTONPEAS FOR SWAGGING ME OUT AND LETTING ME MEET HIM AND RECOGNIZING WHO I WAS! That was totally swag! You guys are some chill ass folks and I support Peas & Carrots all the way. Los Angeles Love!

I think Casey Veggies had the best performance overall because I was in the front and I was really feelin' it! I love Casey Veggies. He's one of my favorite rappers. Check his music out:

We saw MURS and Sunspot Jonz from Living Legends. This was my second time meeting MURS, but it was my boyfriend's first time! MURS remembered me from his Melrose Signing. SWAG! It was actually my first time meeting Sunspot Jonz. He hosted the Dues Paid stage. He was a really fun host. He got the crowd involved and all that shit. He even had time to perform his song, "Purple Kush" I was able to record it. Peep it out...

We ran into AbSoul in the VIP area. He didn't perform at Paid Dues but my boyfriend recognized him and I was able to get a picture with him. Funny story, when he was coming up to us he tripped on the stairs and we were like, "Swag!" and he was all sad and shit and said, "Not swag..." Lol! That was tight how we saw him there, though. He is another good rapper. Check out his music, his name is AbSoul.

Skeme had a siqq ass performance. We were in the very front and he came into the crowd with us and hit the blunt twice! I love Skeme. His music is tight. He's from Inglewood. Check him out, too.

I was so fucking excited to see Based God perform. His set was tight as fuck! He had everybody in the crowd cooking to "Pretty Boy", "Ellen Degeneres", "Wonton Soup" and he also performed two of his serious songs that reveal the truth about the world and shit, "Age of Information" and "Base for your Face ft. 9th Wonder" His performance was tight! Everyone in the crowd was wylin' out and cookin'! That shit was swag.

Blackstar: Mos Def and Talib Kweli were the headliners of Paid Dues. They came on around 11 at night. They performed all the classics. Everyone loved them. Mos Def dresses so swag. I'm not a huge fan of theirs but I knew their well-known songs like Definition. I was really feelin' their set. Overall, Paid Dues was the best experience in my life. It's like the Hip-Hop version of Warped Tour. VIP was worth it, I think I'm going to get VIP every year.