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"I almost wish i hadn’t gone down that rabbit hole and yet it’s rather curious, you know, this sort of life!"

December 31, 2011


So my BF4Lz aka my bestest friend aka StepHoney Anne gave me this wrapped up box when I came to her house earlier at about 10:30PM and she was sleepy so I thanked her and left...I opened up this box in the car and these were inside:

She got me falsies just like hers because I love how she wears falsies errday!

VELVET WINE TIGHTS (WHICH WAS ON MY CHRISTMAS WISHLIST!!!!) I love her for buying me a pair I'm so stoked to wear these!!!! I LOVE THEM!

A cute crop top corset/bodycon top. I can wear this with almost anything I want!

A daring, red corset top and I love this because of the back design...

She has a lot of tops like this so I'm so happy she bought me two of them.

Thank you so much, bf4lz! I love ya! ;-* I can't wait to feature these items in some of my outfit posts! AND I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL YOUR BIRTHDAY PRESENT ARRIVES! You're going to love it!!!! Teeheehee anyways thank you so much, StepHoney<3 Love ya!

Hope y'all enjoy...sorry this is such a late post. I'm up packing for my New Year's weekend.


  1. wow!! really amazing things! i can't wait to see new outfits

  2. Love those tops! Any chance for where they are from? Can't wait to see how you where them :)


  3. oh wow, your friend is really kind! these pieces are awesome, the tops are both gorgeous. guess u'll style them perfectly x