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"I almost wish i hadn’t gone down that rabbit hole and yet it’s rather curious, you know, this sort of life!"

November 22, 2011

Sunday Morning Rain WAS Falling

Late blog post...this was all taken on Sunday when it was rainin' in SoCal...

Eyebags, up close and personal, flaws and all...

My little dork, Hannah Hope.
(Thrifted Cardigan, American Apparel Disco Pants)
Drove in the rain from Costa Mesa all the way to Carson to hangout with my boyfriend. We watched "Breaking Dawn" and I'll admit...I cried. It was a beautiful movie lol. Anyways, it started raining cats and dogs outside when the movie ended. We ran in the rain from the movie theater to the parking lot at Del Amo Mall. It was pretty crazy. Then I was supposed to go to the Norton Simon for my Art class but it was just raining too hard for me to drive to Pasadena so we ended up just staying in Carson and taking a nice nap with the soothing sound of the rain outside.
Sorry I posted this all late...but anyways, tomorrow I'm going to the Hollywood House of Blues to see my favorite independent artist, MURS aka "The Swag Master." I'll blog about it next time, hopefully...xoxo


  1. love love love your style! definitely following! love how you rock your disco pants, definitely trying mine with a bandeau. fab blog xxx

  2. hey i like ur blog and pics!! Respect <3

    where is ur cardigan from??