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"I almost wish i hadn’t gone down that rabbit hole and yet it’s rather curious, you know, this sort of life!"

July 7, 2011

Bay Area Trip!

First stop when I arrived to the Bay Area was Haight St. and Ashbury. There were so many cute thrift stores, it was a dream come true. They had very vintage things like purses, legit vintage harem pants/sweats, Wrangler high waisted pants and Levis too (which can be cut into high waisted shorts). It was an overwhelming experience. I want to go back with like $500 and spend all my money all over Haight St.

Went to San Francisco's Creamery in Walnut Creek with my boyfriend's family and his step dad did "The Kitchen Sink" challenge. The challenge is to eat 8 scoops of ice cream with a whole can of whip cream, 3 whole bananas, and 8 different toppings within 30 minutes. Sadly, he didn't beat the challenge because it was just way too much ice cream! But their ice cream is super delicious. I suggest when you go up to the Bay Area, you must go there and get a scoop of ice cream!

So we stayed at my boyfriend's family's house in Benicia, California (Bay Area city) and across from their house, there was a state park that you can walk through to go and get a pretty view of the bridge and the bay. The park is so beautiful and natural and so my boyfriend decided that I should have a photo shoot there and so we took a couple of shots on the pathway...

Also, when we were out in the Bay, they have a store that is only located in the Bay Area called "TRUE" and they have streetwear clothing and urban clothing there. It's like our Diamond Store or stores on Fairfax here in L.A. I copped the most coolest earrings ever by GoodWood and they're these bamboo hoop earrings made and carved entirely out of wood. It costs $20 and it was so worth it!

Spent the 4th of July at that state park in Benicia to watch fireworks across the bay and my boyfriend's Aunt took these pretty pictures experimenting with my camera!

I hope you enjoy my pictures!