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"I almost wish i hadn’t gone down that rabbit hole and yet it’s rather curious, you know, this sort of life!"

April 4, 2011


So as you all should know by now, I went to Paid Dues on Saturday with my boyfriend and we got VIP Tickets. At first, it didn't seem like VIP was worth $160 but let me tell was worth every damn penny! We got a free shirt, free backpack, unlimited free Monster cans, and we got to chill in this VIP room with all the rappers. It was so swag. We were able to meet all the rappers that performed and took pictures with them. I was so star struck.

I follow both @CaseyVeggies and @Joshtonpeas on Twitter and y'all should, too. Josh follows me, too and I kept bugging him about letting me meet CV! SHOUTOUT TO JOSHTONPEAS FOR SWAGGING ME OUT AND LETTING ME MEET HIM AND RECOGNIZING WHO I WAS! That was totally swag! You guys are some chill ass folks and I support Peas & Carrots all the way. Los Angeles Love!

I think Casey Veggies had the best performance overall because I was in the front and I was really feelin' it! I love Casey Veggies. He's one of my favorite rappers. Check his music out:

We saw MURS and Sunspot Jonz from Living Legends. This was my second time meeting MURS, but it was my boyfriend's first time! MURS remembered me from his Melrose Signing. SWAG! It was actually my first time meeting Sunspot Jonz. He hosted the Dues Paid stage. He was a really fun host. He got the crowd involved and all that shit. He even had time to perform his song, "Purple Kush" I was able to record it. Peep it out...

We ran into AbSoul in the VIP area. He didn't perform at Paid Dues but my boyfriend recognized him and I was able to get a picture with him. Funny story, when he was coming up to us he tripped on the stairs and we were like, "Swag!" and he was all sad and shit and said, "Not swag..." Lol! That was tight how we saw him there, though. He is another good rapper. Check out his music, his name is AbSoul.

Skeme had a siqq ass performance. We were in the very front and he came into the crowd with us and hit the blunt twice! I love Skeme. His music is tight. He's from Inglewood. Check him out, too.

I was so fucking excited to see Based God perform. His set was tight as fuck! He had everybody in the crowd cooking to "Pretty Boy", "Ellen Degeneres", "Wonton Soup" and he also performed two of his serious songs that reveal the truth about the world and shit, "Age of Information" and "Base for your Face ft. 9th Wonder" His performance was tight! Everyone in the crowd was wylin' out and cookin'! That shit was swag.

Blackstar: Mos Def and Talib Kweli were the headliners of Paid Dues. They came on around 11 at night. They performed all the classics. Everyone loved them. Mos Def dresses so swag. I'm not a huge fan of theirs but I knew their well-known songs like Definition. I was really feelin' their set. Overall, Paid Dues was the best experience in my life. It's like the Hip-Hop version of Warped Tour. VIP was worth it, I think I'm going to get VIP every year.


  1. Did Dom Kennedy perform? Looks hella dope! Hope I can catch a gig or two with Dom, Casey, Pac Div, UNI & maybe even Odd Future/mellowhype when I'm out there!

    Dope blog by the way! Schwwaag!

  2. Yes Dom performed but his set was really short. Yeah, OFWGKTA is tight. Same for MellowHype.

  3. Dope! Was wondering if you had an email I could contact you at?