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March 24, 2011

Pricey Shoes

Now that I have a job, I can finally save up some money to buy some pricey shoes once in a while. I am so excited! Here are some obsessions I have. Of course, you all should know that I love wedges and I will always love wedges! My new obsession is thick heels. Here are some of the shoes I have my eye on! (Including Air Jordans!)

Messeca Wedge

Jefferey Campbell Pixie Zip Wedge

Jefferey Campbell "Mary Rocks" Wedge

Jefferey Campbell Lita boot

Jefferey Campbell Foxy Platforms

ACNE Fog Hybria Platform Wedge

ACNE Admire Platform Wedge Booties

"Year of the Rabbit" Jordan 7s

True Blue Jordan 3s

Black and White Jordan 11s
It's for sure that I'm getting those J's this year, but with those wedges I'm not sure which ones to get. I plan on possibly getting three of those Jefferey Campbell shoes...which three would you guys choose?


  1. the "Mary Rocks" JC wedge has been on my mind for a while now, I just love how they have cutouts on the sides and everything. The pixie zip one is really nice too, and same with the foxy platform. Even though the Litas were all the hype for the past few months, I still love the classic look of the foxy platform ! Those are the three that I would pick.


  2. love the jefferey campbell pixie zip wedge. I've been looking for an all black suede wedge bootie for awhile now and your post def made me want them more. Also I believe that the JC Mary Rock Wedge might be on sale on the urban outfitters online store if i'm not mistaken i saw them 2 weeks ago i believe.