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"I almost wish i hadn’t gone down that rabbit hole and yet it’s rather curious, you know, this sort of life!"

January 27, 2011

Q & A's

1. do you ever worry about money issues?
All the time! I'm looking for a job at the moment.

2. what size are you in the cement jordans? & do you wear boy size & do the run big/small? thanks i really wanna get a pair
I wear a size 6 in boys. The 3s run small. In other J's, I could fit a 5.5Y.

3. how often do you wash/style your hair? what kind of shampoo/conditioner do you use?
I wash my hair everyday because if I don't, my hair gets oily. I don't use anything special to shampoo and condition. Just Fructice. I don't spend a lot of time doing my hair.

4. why is job hunting so hard?
I know right. Sad story!

5. do you ever feel like the world is against you??
Sometimes I do. Most of the time, I just feel like Anonymous people hate my guts.

6. what size are your feet usually?
I'm a size 6.5 or 7 in womens. In kids size I'm a 5.5Y or 6Y.

7. how do you wave out your hair? it's really pretty!
I don't use the clamp on the curling iron.

8. where do you get so much money to buy clothes and jordans and such? o.O
I do chores for my money from my mom. I ask my dad for gas money and Jordan spoils me sometimes. Most of the time, I do chores for money.

9. Could you post a picture of you and your boyfriend?
I have one up right now. Look in my blogspot.

10. you and your best friend are soo pretty
Thank you so much!

11. your wearing earrings! vry nice
Thanks love!

12. do you have cute feet?
I don't think so. I have a long second toe. Its sickening to me lol.

13. My sadie hawkins dance is coming up in about 2 weeks, and I have no idea what me and my boyfriend should wear. I want it to be like an actual outfit, but nothing to cliche.. something original, but I can't think of anything. :( help?
I'm sorry but I'm not that creative. Maybe dress as Ash and Misty from Pokemon?

14. How long have you been growing your hair out for? It's so long, I love it!
Thanks love! I haven't cut it since 11th grade. I'm a freshman in college now.

15. How tall are you?

16. how old are u

17. What are you majoring in college?
Biology or Nursing.

18. what kind of make up do you wear? cover up, foundation, mascara, lipstick, etc?
Foundation: Make Up For Ever HD Foundation in shade #153. Concealer: MAC's skin-finish concealer in NC30. Mascara: Urban Decay's Big Fatty Mascara. Lipstick: MAC lipsticks and Estee Lauder Lipsticks. Bronzer and blushes: Victoria's Secret bronzer and MAC blushes.

19. did you dye your hair? it looks blacker
Yes but it's going to get lighter because I dyed it brown.

20. where is your new dress from?

21. i was looking through your blogspot and i was just wondering how do you get your hair so wavy?like this: i really like your hair! it's gorgeous!
Thanks love! I wrap my hair around the curling barrel.

22. what kind of car do you drive?
I now drive a Honda Civic hatchback EK

23. what do you think of the diorshow mascara?
My favorite mascara of all time. Too bad I ran out. Sad face.

24. what's your hair routine?
Don't really have one.

Questions? Ask here.


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