I Just Might Be in Yo Hood

So here's yet another "sporty" look. I don't know what inspired me to dress like this that day that I shot this. I just randomly threw this outfit together and it just worked.

These are the shoes that were in the Instagram giveaway I recently hosted with Public Desire. It was a success, by the way. There were probably 1,000+ participants and I randomly picked the winner. These shoes are called "Zia" Platform boots. They're actually really comfortable to walk around town with because of the big platform. They're the perfect boot to add to a casual look such as this one.

(AA Baseball Tee, Nike Sports Bra, AA Disco Pants, ZeroUV Sunnies, Public Desire 'ZIA' Platform Boots, AA Hair tie, ALDO Purse)

This was one of my very last shoots of the summer and it was shot by my good friend Romar, who took most of my pictures all summer. We shot this on the street my best friend lives in Carson (my hometown). I spent most of my days there this summer. It's refreshing to come back to where you came from just to kick it with old homies. I love Carson, California. It's my home and I am proud to be from there. Anyway, hope you all enjoy this look.

#STAYCURIOUS, CuriouserLia


Blue Jeans, White Shirt

"Blue jeans, white shirt
walked into the room you know you made my eyes burn..."
- Blue Jeans, Lana Del Rey

(BKRM White Label Dip It Low Blouse, H&M Boyfriend Jeans, ZeroUV sunnies)

Today's look can easily be worn with your favorite pair of strappy sandal heels. (Not pictured), I wore this with my Jeffrey Campbell SoireƩ heels. Strappy sandal heels can easily dress this casual look up. You can also wear this top with skinny jeans and a chunky heel like the Jeffrey Campbell Scully's. I just find that white loose blouses like this look great with blue jeans. Let me know how else you would wear this in the comments down below.

#STAYCURIOUS, CuriouserLia


Bimmer Boyz

Hello Curiouser people! Here's a different outfit post for you featuring Corner Store Cult. Just a simple outfit with my signature headwrap.

Just thought it'd be fun to shoot with this long sleeve because it's a men's tee and we all know how I love to rock boy clothes, so here's a perfect example of how I style boy clothes.

(BIMMER BOYZ L/S, AA Disco Pants, Nike Air Max 90, Gold Soul Sunnies)

Today is my last day of Summer and I start my 2nd semester of Nursing School tomorrow. I'm so sad that my summer is over but I am thankful for all the brands that collaborated with me. What a successful summer for my blog and Instagram. I've grown so much this summer. Thank you to Romar Uy and Jordan for snapping pictures of me all summer long! And thank you to my good friend and manager (hehe) Kap for the advice, inspiration and guidance this whole summer. Thank you everyone! I will be posting throughout the school year, just not as often as I'd like.

#STAYCURIOUS, CuriouserLia


Comfort & Style

Hello there curiouser cats, here's a comfortable outfit post featuring these awesome pair of sweats from Hype Clothing UK. Not only are these sweats comfortable like pajamas, but they fit perfectly. I love to wear sweats high-waisted and these are in unisex sizes so I got an extra small. I love how they're not too baggy, either. Go and cop yourself a pair! They're perfect for those lazy days when you just want to bum it, but not really? You feel me?

These sweats look great with kicks...well, for me, I love to wear sweats/joggers with a pair of fly kicks. So with this look, I decided to wear my Air Force Ones for a little throwback feel (throwback to the early years of 2000 when Nelly made us all want two pairs, lol I know I bought two pairs in the 5th grade!). I could've also worn these sweats with a pair of J's like my white cement 3's, True Blue 3's, Fire Red 3's, or Taxi 12's...shit, any pair of my J's would go with these sweats. Even Vans would look good with these.

(American Apparel Crop Top, Hype Clothing UK Classic Grey Jogger, Nike Air Force Ones, ZeroUV sunnies)
And what would any of my looks be without my signature headwrap and a pair of cool sunnies?! I know, I know...I am long overdue for a headwrap tutorial. Maybe I'll do that soon? Stay curious...hope you all enjoy this comfortable look!

#STAYCURIOUS, CuriouserLia