Just finished finals for Med-Surg 3 so I get a little break this weekend, then I start my OB/Pediatrics rotation on Monday...ahh, the life of a nursing student. On the bright side, the Holidays are coming up, right? Anyway, here's a little fun look I put together featuring one of my favorite J's and a custom made top by one of my good IG friends, Cassie aka SlimJawn. It also came with matching underwear, as well. I'll put together a 90s look featuring those soon.

I don't know if you guys have noticed yet, but I love wearing kicks with feminine pieces like midi skirts and midi dresses. I love to create outfits with a balance between feminine pieces and masculine pieces. Most of the masculine pieces are my kicks like all my J's, running shoes, etc. and most of my feminine pieces are my clothes. If I do end up wearing heels, then my actual outfit will include boy clothes like a jacket, jersey, tee, etc. I don't like to be too girly, it's just not me...maybe for Vegas or a wedding, but as for my personal everyday style, I love to balance out a girly look with kicks a boy would wear. Does that make sense?

(Slim Jawn Top, ASOS Skirt, Air Jordan Royal 1's, 80s Purple Sunnies)

Hope you all enjoy this look! I had fun putting it guys don't know how many times I changed before I decided I wanted to wear this midi skirt. I was going to wear boyfriend jeans with this but you know how I like to balance things out...that would've been too much on the tomboy side.

This is my free weekend so you know I'll be shooting all weekend for my blog. Stay posted for more looks coming!

#STAYCURIOUS, CuriouserLia


Yeezus and Ice Cream

Now serving...Yeezus and Ice Cream on the blog! Here's a fun outfit featuring this awesome sweater from Shelfies. I decided to wear this with a pair of denim shorts and over-the-knee socks for an autumn feel. You could wear this outfit with a pair of black strappy heels instead for a more girly touch. I was actually inspired by Rihanna when she wore a crewneck sweater with denim shorts and strappy heels to a basketball game, but I wore this outfit to school and I wasn't about to wear heels to school this day.

(Shelfies Sweater, Levis Denim Cut-Offs, Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane's)

So I got a lot of comments about this top at school the day that I wore this and some people said they hate Kanye West, some thought it was a cool top and some said it was a funny top. I agree that it is a cool sweater and that it is pretty funny, but I don't hate Kanye West. I actually love Yeezy's music and fashion sense...since the College Dropout days. Even though he's kinda crazy nowadays, he's still a genius to me...and he eats ice cream. So, why not have that on a sweater right?! Hope you all enjoy this look! I am currently studying for finals for my 2nd semester of Med-Surg Nursing! So far, so good! Getting closer and closer to my goal each day...Balancing nursing and blogging, I'm feelin' like a champ.

#STAYCURIOUS, CuriouserLia



Hey Curiouser peeps! Here's a fall look featuring this nice black bomber jacket from True Religion. I think every girl should have a nice black bomber jacket in their closet. It's perfect for those chilly nights out, other than a leather jacket. Thank you to True Religion for letting me choose this jacket. You can cop yourself one HERE. It's quite pricy, but the material is very nice and it's even lined inside. Definitely will keep me warm this winter/fall, so I'm set.

(TRUE RELIGION Flight Nylon Women's Jacket, Forever 21 Flannel, AA Easy Jean, Public Desire Alegra Boot)

Although fall started on the 21st of September, it doesn't quite feel like fall in Southern California...I don't think we ever really feel fall weather. It pretty much stays hot and then we hit winter. This outfit screams out Fall/Back-to-School because of the flannel. Of course, I had to throw in a headwrap in this look. And for me, when I can't think of an ensemble, I always end up going for a gangster chic look...throw on a dark lip and some hoop earrings and I'm good to go.

Even though I'm in the middle of my 2nd semester of nursing school, I still manage to shoot looks. I'll always find time to do this. I love my blog! I can never neglect it. It's what I love to getaway. So please stay curious and keep checking my blog/instagram for updates. I've got so much more to shoot and I'll get to it and share with you all. I'm typing this during my study break. It's good to take breaks sometimes and just relax, then get back to work. I hope you all like this look. Leave some ideas in the comments below for new posts from me.

#STAYCURIOUS, CuriouserLia


I Just Might Be in Yo Hood

So here's yet another "sporty" look. I don't know what inspired me to dress like this that day that I shot this. I just randomly threw this outfit together and it just worked.

These are the shoes that were in the Instagram giveaway I recently hosted with Public Desire. It was a success, by the way. There were probably 1,000+ participants and I randomly picked the winner. These shoes are called "Zia" Platform boots. They're actually really comfortable to walk around town with because of the big platform. They're the perfect boot to add to a casual look such as this one.

(AA Baseball Tee, Nike Sports Bra, AA Disco Pants, ZeroUV Sunnies, Public Desire 'ZIA' Platform Boots, AA Hair tie, ALDO Purse)

This was one of my very last shoots of the summer and it was shot by my good friend Romar, who took most of my pictures all summer. We shot this on the street my best friend lives in Carson (my hometown). I spent most of my days there this summer. It's refreshing to come back to where you came from just to kick it with old homies. I love Carson, California. It's my home and I am proud to be from there. Anyway, hope you all enjoy this look.

#STAYCURIOUS, CuriouserLia